Art Challenges

Children who are working on their Reading BINGO challenges have two squares on each card for Art Challenges.

You can select any two of the challenges below. You may also attend a library program during the summer or complete a make-and-take project from your library.

PreK-5th Grade
*Preschool Name Game
[PDF] Supplies: Plastic Buckets, Masking Tape, Markers, Hose or Balls. PreS/Early Elem

*Crystal Names
[PDF] Supplies: Pipe Cleaners, Fishing Line (or yarn), Pencils (or skewers), Scissors, Plastic Containers, Borax, Food Coloring, Liquid Measuring Cup, Tablespoon, Pot and Stove to Heat Water, Heat Safe Mixing Bowl. PreS/Early Elem

*Phoenicia Library Paper Flowers
[YouTube] Supplies: Magazines (or newspaper), paper, glue, scissor, marker, pompom (or button), pipe cleaners (or ribbon/yarn). PreS - Fifth Grade

*Phoenicia Library Leaf Critters
[YouTube] Supplies: Paper, leaves, twigs, glue, googly eyes (or beads/buttons), glitter. PreS - Fifth Grade

*Phoenicia Library Painted Stick
[YouTube] Supplies: : Sticks/branches, paint, paintbrush. PreS - Fifth Grade

*Phoenicia Library Nature Mandela
[YouTube] Supplies: Found objects from nature such as sticks, rocks, pinecones, leaves. PreS - Fifth Grade

*Dragon Origami
[PDF, YouTube] Supplies: Origami Paper at least 6" x 8" or a Paper square that size. Elem

*Tic-Tac-Toe Board
[HTML] Supplies: Large round river rocks, Red, Black, and Yellow Paint, Paint Brush, and Wood Round or Something for Your Board. Elem

*Juice Carton Birdhouse
[PDF] Supplies: Juice or Milk Carton, Scissors or Craft Knife, Washable Acrylic Paint, Paintbrushes, Newspaper (optional), Ruler, Pencil, Hole Punch, and Ribbon/Yarn. Elem

*Cardboard Tube Opossom
[HTML] Supplies: Cardboard Tube, Grey Paint, Scissors, White Cardstock, Grey Cardstock, Glue, Pink Colored Pencil, Pink Mini Pom Pom, Googly Eyes, Pink Pipe Cleaner, Tape. Elem.
All Ages
Opus 40 *Visit Opus40
[HTML] Travel Required.
(Check to See if Your Local Library Offers a Museum Pass.)

Hiking Trails *Abby Girl Hiking Trails
[HTML] Travel Required.

Storm King Art Center *Visit Storm King Art Center
[HTML] Travel Required.
(Check to See if Your Local Library Offers a Museum Pass.)

Woodstock Artist Association & Museum *Woodstock Artist Association & Museum At-Home Videos
[HTML] Supplies depend upon project

Woodstock Playhouse *Woodstock Playhouse
[HTML] Travel and Reservations Required.

HV Parent *Hike Olana
[HTML] Travel Required.

*Activities for Children with Special Needs
[HTML] Travel Required.

*Stone Trivet
[HTML] Supplies: Cork Trivet (7.5 inches across), Black decorative smooth rocks, Epoxy Glue. Mid/Teen.

*Recycled Blue Jean Planters
[HTML] Supplies: Tin Cans, Old Blue Jeans, Pins, Scissors, and Succulents for Planting. Mid/Teen.

*Rainbow Paver Hopscotch
[PDF] Supplies: Concrete Pavers, Spray Paint, Exterior Latex Paint, and Foam Brush. Mid/Teen.

*DIY Water Blob
[PDF] Supplies: Painter's Plastic Sheeting, Iron, Hose, Optional: Food Coloring. Mid/Teen.

*Painted Mason Jars
[HTML] Supplies: Glass Jars, Acrylic Paint (see article for suggestions), Flat Tip Paint Brush, 1" Wide Painter's Tape. Mid/Teen.

*Pipe Cleaner Monkey
[PDF] Supplies: Brown pipe cleaners (3 in number), Wooden beads, Googly eyes, Hot glue, Brown felt, Brown and tan acrylic paint, and Yellow pipe cleaners. Mid/Teen.

*Musee d'Orsay Virtual Tour
[Website] Scroll down to Explore Musee d'Orsay near bottom of page to see a virtual tour. You can also view artwork on display in the museum. Mid/Teen

*Notre Dame Cathedral Virtual Tour
[Website] View the video. Describe the damage to the cathedral in a couple of paragraphs or a drawing. Mid/Teen