Animal Challenges

Children who are working on their Reading BINGO challenges have two squares on each card for Animal Challenges.

You can select any two of the challenges below. You may also attend a library program during the summer or complete a make-and-take project from your library.

PreK-5th Grade
*Preschool Yoga - Jungle Time
[YouTube] Supplies: Computer. Preschool

*Scrub A Dub Dub
[PDF] Supplies: Plastic Tub filled with water, Plastic aquatic animals, Cocoa powder, Cooking oil, Small jars or bottles, Coffee grounds (optional), and Shredded plastic (optional). Preschool

*Hungry Hippo DIY Game
[PDF] Supplies: One table with four chairs, plastic balls and a laundry basket, four shallow cardboard boxes and paint, construction paper, paper towel tubes, glue, and velcro strips. Preschool

*Paper Roll Giraffe Craft
[HTML] Supplies: Paper Rolls, Yellow Paint, Brown and Yellow Craft Paper, Black Marker, Glue, and Pencil. Preschool - Early Elem

*Tell a Story
[PDF] Supplies: Paper, Pencil, Computer and Printer. Early Elem

*Origami BookMark
[PDF] Supplies: Scissors, Tape or Glue, Construction Paper, Cardstock or Origami Paper, Computer and Printer. Elem

*Blobfish Slime
[PDF] Supplies: White school glue, Shaving cream, Baking Soda, Saline Solution, Food Coloring, Lotion, and Googly Eyes. Elem

*Bug Hotels, Bird Feeders, and Butterfly Puddlers
[PDF] Supplies: Depends Upon Type of Feeder. Elem

*LEGO Crocodile
[YouTube] Supplies: See Instructions for LEGOs required. Elem

*Owl Eyesight
[HTML] Supplies: Three Paper Plates, One Long Cardboard Tube, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Brown and Gold Paint, Two Plastic Forks. Elem

All Ages
HVParent *Visit a Small Zoo
[HTML] Supplies: Travel Required.

*Ride a Horse
[HTML] Travel and Fees Required.

*Watch a 4-H Animal Demonstration
[HTML] Travel and Tickets Required.
Dutchess County FairDutchess County Fair

Ulster County FairUlster County Fair

Oregon Zoo *Watch a Virtual Recording of an Animal and Complete the Activity
[HTML] Computer.
*Draw Animal Cartoons
[YouTube] Supplies: Computer.
Middle School/Teen
If you want to draw on the computer consider the GIMP program.
*Scratch Coding
[PDF] Supplies: Laptop or Computer and Lots of Patience. Teen

*Air-Dry Animal Magnets
[PDF] Supplies: Air-dry clay, Pin backs, earring backs, or magnets, Hot glue gun and glue sticks, Paint and paint brushes (optional), Paper plates, Sample picture ideas. Middle School/Teen

*Upcycled Pet Treat Jar
[HTML] Supplies: Glass Jar with Lid, Acrylic Paint, Glue Gun, Scissors, Dog Scrapbook Paper (or make your own paper), Mod Podge, Wood Cabinet Knob. Middle School/Teen

*Cat Teepee
[HTML] Supplies: 36-inch Wooden Dowels, Jute Twine, Drop Cloth/Fabric, Scissors, Glue Gun, Power Drill, Blanket/Pet Bed/Pillow. Middle School/Teen

*Recycled T-Shirt Cat Toy
[HTML] Supplies: 2 or 3 t-shirts, Scissors, Ruler, Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter (preferred but optional). Middle School/Teen