Museum Challenges

Children who are working on their Reading BINGO challenges have two squares on each card for Museum Challenges.
You can select any two of the challenges below. And of course, you are welcome to do as many as you want just for fun.

Guggenheim Bilbao Virtual Tour [Website]
Gardiner Library Copy Artwork [PDF]
Supplies: Various. All Ages.
Museum of the World [Website]
Select three items which you wish you could collect and describe why. All Ages.
National Museum of American History "Ripped Apart" Mystery [iPad App]
Complete the mystery. Mid Sch.
Kingston Maritime Museum Visit
[PDF] Supplies: Internet Connection. Mid/Teen.

Kingston Senate House
[PDF] Supplies: Internet Connection. Mid/Teen.

Colonial Williamsburg Tin Lantern [Website]
Supplies: Quart Can, Hammer, Scissors, 2 Nails, Tea Light Candle, Tape, Spray Paint, Towel, and Printout from Website. Teen
Colonial Williamsburg Chelsea Buns Recipe [Website]
Supplies: Ingredients Listed on Website. Teen