Participants in this year's 2020 Summer Reading Program will receive a BINGO card to complete. Everyone who submits their BINGO card will be entered into raffles at their local library for great prizes. Contact your local library to enter. You can download a BINGO card on this page if you want to get started immediately.

In addition to reading challenges, children will have eight challenges in four subject areas to complete on their BINGO cards. Don't worry. Each of these challenge areas is loaded with enough ideas that you are guaranteed to find something fun to do.

Your local library is working in cooperation as part of the Ulster County Library Association to provide a summer's worth of entertainment and learning. Click on the link below to find out more.

Summer Reading Program Events Link
BINGO card for Children BINGO card for Teens BINGO card for Adults

We Would Like to Thank Our Partners

Mohonk Preserve
Dept of Regional Art Works
Woodland Playhouse